The Trapper


Jackson Stone








Willows Creek, Australia

Current Residence

Bhutan, Asia


None (Reported Poacher)

Class Name

The Trapper

Combat Style

Able to immobilize dinosaurs, Effective at killing small dinosaurs


A game hunter with a glint in his eye, Jackson packs twin pistols: Pride and Joy. With a gas powered netgun for trapping and immobilizing smaller animals, he’s still on the lookout for the perfect pair of boots.


Jackson Stone, if that is even his real name, is a known criminal and poacher. He is wanted around the globe for uncountable offences. Despite this, Stone is an expert in live animal capture and has first-hand experience facing the world’s most dangerous animals. For this reason we are willing to ignore Stone's criminal past for the purposes of this project. Finding and convincing him to join may be tricky as he is constantly on the move, we do however believe we have located him in Bhutan. If found, Stone likely can be persuaded to join, with a large enough fee.

The largest concern right now is how Stone interacts with other members of the team; with his criminal past and reputation we fear he may be a disruption. Only time will tell.



Netgun: This unique, one of a kind weapon fires a compacted net which bursts open mid-air and is able to snag any creature large enough to be ensnared by the net, and hinder those that aren’t. If a smaller dinosaur is netted it is immobilized and can be dispatched quickly with a lethal slash with Stone’s hunting knife.


Dual Pistols: These powerful and stylish weapons can be fired rapidly and simultaneously. While their damage isn’t as high as other weapons, in the hands of a skilled marksman these pistols can dispatch dinosaurs most efficiently, if you can keep them in your sights.


Hunting Knife: This sharp edged and well maintained hunting knife can be used to slash dinosaurs up close, but is primarily used to finish off netted foes in a single hit.


  • Use your Netgun to immobilize small dinosaurs that are up close and personal with you. Once they are netted, you can instantly kill them by using your Hunting Knife (F).
  • Using your Netgun against a larger dinosaur won't immobilize it, but it will hinder them. Firing a net at a Tyrannosaurus will hinder it's ability to bite until it can shake the net off of itself.
  • When using your Dual Pistols, fire both at the same time to do twice the amount of damage you would do with just one to your enemy.
  • Use the Dual Pistols when the dinosaur is at a distance. The pistols are very accurate and they are able to shoot dinosaurs that are at a far distance.