The Pyromaniac


Angus McLaughlin








Glasgow, Scotland

Current Residence

Chile, South America



Class Name

The Pyromaniac

Combat Style

Weak Ranged Combat, Strong Close Quarters Combat


When the Scotsman isn't exhibiting his penchant for explosives, Angus relies on his trusty “Flamesaw." With a constant stream of napalm, the Pyro serves to remind us that everything burns.


Angus is unstable, crude, alcoholic, has aggressive tendencies and an unhealthy fixation with anything flammable. He is also an extremely hard worker and is amongst the best when it comes to deforestation. If you need a path cleared he is your man. He has worked in the harshest of environments and notoriously takes on jobs even veterans turn down. If he is able to function as part of a team he is highly recommended to aid in navigation across the island. As for how he’ll take to the inhabitants of the island, we’ll just have to wait and see.

(We advise however that he be kept supplied with whisky, as it seems he is more… agreeable that way)



Flamethrower: The flamethrower, the basis of the custom built Flamesaw, was primarily designed to clear paths through dense forests, but is equally effective at burning living creatures too. The range is short but the damage is high as any dinosaur caught in the flames is in danger of a painful and fiery death if they don’t retreat.


Chainsaw: The chainsaw attachment of the Flamesaw was designed for chopping up trees but it severs limbs just as easily. The chainsaw is by far the most damaging melee weapon available on the human team and is capable of decimating even large dinosaurs. However, being up close and personal with dinosaurs isn’t always a good idea.


Grenade: If the Flamesaw wasn’t deadly enough, the Pyro also has access to impact grenades capable of blowing dinosaurs apart in one hit. Cutting, burning and exploding, he has all his bases covered.


  • Use your Flamethrower when dinosaurs are close enough to you to burn them. The initial burn damage is very high and it will deal a lot of damage to dinosaurs who are in your range. The fire also has DOT which burns the dinosaur while it is still on fire. (In 1.3, the Pyro gets slowed down when using the Flamethrower.)
  • When a dinosaur is too close for comfort, use your Chainsaw to rip it apart. Your Chainsaw does massive amounts of damage, and it can easily be used to kill a large dinosaur if done correctly.
  • If you see a dinosaur that is out of your reach, trying throwing a grenade at it. Small dinosaurs will instantly die if hit directly by a grenade while large dinosaurs will take a massive amount of damage from it.