The Pteranodon
Pteranodon logo




"Toothless Wing"

Class Name

The Aerial Scout




Slow (When on ground) Fast to Extremely Fast (When flying)

Combat Style

Can mark enemy positions, effectively picks off lone and weakened humans

Threat Level

Medium to High


In the time it takes for you to read this, that aerodynamic predator could have flown in, clutched a human with its legs, and taken off with its prize. With a long drop and a sudden stop, you will remember the skies are not safe.


Pteranodon are obviously not dinosaurs but Pterosaurs, however this distinction will mean little to you when they bear down upon you from the skies with deafening screeches, sharp beaks and a relentless and undiscerning appetite for death. Above all else Pteranodons reveal your location to surrounding dinosaurs and they love to wait until you are occupied and distracted before they make their move.

Pteranodon are fragile and easily taken care of, however it can be hard to keep an eye on them while you are dealing with a horde of Novaraptors and a Tyrannosaur. Above all else, don’t underestimate their threat.

Watch the skies.



Peck: A Pteranodon’s sharp beak can cause some serious damage especially as it can still peck while in the air.

Grab: Pteranodon has the ability to swoop down and grab a victim before flying off with them. When high enough or over a hazard they can then drop them to their deaths. Without rescue, a human is doomed at the hands of a Pteranodon.

Screech: A deafening screech from a Pteranodon is not only terrifying, but actively alerts dinosaurs to your location. If you’ve been marked by a Pteranodon… Run!

Class Specifics

  • Roaring reveals humans to other dinosaurs for a short duration.
  • Hold sprint and jump to start flying.
  • Use alt-fire while flying to pick up humans and drop them to their deaths.


  • Roar when you see a pair or group of humans to mark them. This will actively alert the other dinosaurs to their location. You know you have marked a human when you see an eye above their head.
  • Dive up and down while flying to gain speed. This helps when going in for a quick grab or for making a quick get away.
  • Grabbing humans at high speeds makes for a quick grab and makes it easier for you to fly off with them before you get fired upon. This is a great way to separate humans from a group or to finish off a lone human.
  • Pecking is a great way to weaken humans. A peck from a Pteranodon takes away a third of the human's health. It's best to peck humans when they are distracted by other dinosaurs or when they are weakened.