The Pathfinder


Joseph Crane






Native American/Canadian



Current Residence



Wilderness Guide

Class Name

The Pathfinder

Combat Style

Strong Short Ranged Combat


A survival expert, Joseph carries a sturdy shotgun for close range combat and distress flares to ward away dinosaurs and illuminate darkness. Now if only he could ward away his gambling habits.


Due to the nature of the island it has been determined that a guide is needed to aid in traversing the jungles and to track down the dinosaurs. Joseph Crane is the top candidate for this role as he has spent most of his life as a wilderness guide and is an expert tracker, an adept survivalist, and a master with a shotgun. If anyone can get the team through the jungles and harsh environments in one piece, it’s Crane.

Little else is known about him as he spends a lot of time off the grid. Hiring him could be a gamble, but as his reputation far surpasses his nearest rival, we feel the risk is worth it.



Shotgun: A trusty, reliable weapon that dispatches foes from close to medium range. This is perfect for holding back hordes of dinosaurs as they try to get up and close for a kill.


Flare: Distress flares that have found a new use on the island by blinding and driving away dinosaurs, this technique has become very useful and at times can single handedly turn the tide in a battle.


Machete: Used for navigation through the jungles of the island, the machete proved useful as an attacking weapon in times of need, slashing dinosaurs as a last resort.


  • Use the Shotgun when dinosaurs are getting close and personal with you to deal a massive amount of damage to them. Small dinosaurs can instantly be killed if they are close enough.
  • Throw flares down if there are too many dinosaurs surrounding you. This will effectively blind the dinosaurs for a short amount of time before it burns out. This is great for making an escape or if you want to deal damage to them without them hitting you.
  • Throw flares near where your teammates are getting health or ammo at so that way the dinosaurs can't see them. This is also an effective distraction because you can throw a flare at a distance from you and make the dinosaurs think you are there.