The Novaraptor
Novaraptor logo


Novaraptor (A genetically engineered Dromaeosaur)


"New Thief"

Class Name

The Swift Killer




Fast to Extremely Fast

Combat Style

Immobilizes humans with pounce attack, can effectively finish off weakened humans

Threat Level

High to Extreme


This intelligent pack hunter is a nimble killer capable of traversing all types of terrain with ease, ripping apart victims in seconds, and disappearing without a trace… and that’s when they're alone.


Novaraptor are cunning, vicious, stealthy and above all else intelligent pack hunters; they can be your worst nightmare if you don’t prepare for them. Grouping together while coming face to face with a Novaraptor pack is essential to avoid being ambushed or surrounded. They are efficient, capable of dispatching their victims in a matter of seconds. They are also swift and agile, with an outstanding ability to jump, and can traverse obstacles with ease.

Novaraptor (The “New” Raptor) is an entirely new species of raptor created through advanced genetic techniques. They are stronger and have far more endurance than their unmodified counterparts and as such are far more dangerous. There are currently known to be two variations of Novaraptor on the island, so be vigilant.



Bite and Slash: Wounds inflicted by a Novaraptor’s teeth and claws are particularly nasty; they tend to cut deep and it doesn’t take much to kill a target.

Pounce: The Novaraptor has the ability to leap at a foe from a considerable distance, pinning them to the ground to rip them apart. Without assistance, death is certain.

Frenzy: Beware of a frenzied Novaraptor, as they sacrifice speed for all-out attacking power. A frenzied raptor is slow but they will relentlessly attack over and over with tooth and claw in rapid succession. Put it down before it puts you down.

Class Specifics

  • Alt-fire spends stamina to pounce on a human. They are disabled for the duration.
  • A pounce ends when you jump, exhaust stamina, or take damage.
  • Roaring exhausts stamina to increase bite speed. This has a long cooldown.


  • Attacking as a pack can effectively wipe out a group of humans.
  • Don't pounce humans that are in a group. Instead, look for a lone human to pounce on. Pouncing a lone human is much more effective and they usually won't have anyone to save them.
  • Pounce a lone human from behind. This is much more effective than pouncing from the front as they won't see you coming.
  • Slashing is an effective way to wipe out a pair or group of humans. Sprinting in circles around the human or jumping wildly is the most effective way to kill a human.
  • When roaring as a Novaraptor, make sure no one sees you since you move slow when the roar is activated. This will effectively surprise the humans and make it easier for you to kill them.