Primal Carnage has many maps, some of which are exclusive to certain game modes. For example, the Forgotten Outpost map is only available on the "Capture the Egg" mode. 


One of the largest maps that Primal Carnage has to offer, it is a dark map in which it is always raining. This map has a lot of cover for dinosaurs to ambush humans from, along with aircraft hangers, helipads, and much more. It is easy to hide on this map. 

Forest Chasm

A heavily forested map with a chasm in the middle. Four bridges cross this chasm, two made of rock and two made of wood.

Forgotten Outpost

This is the largest map. It is a rainforest-like map with a huge distance between the human spawn points and the dinosaur spawn points.


With a self-explanatory title, the Marsh map has tall grasses that make it easy for raptors to hide and target humans. 

Utility Base


A map with a large walled base in the middle, surrounded by forest.