The Commando


Marcus Tyler








Brooklyn, New York

Current Residence



Ex-Military (MIA)

Class Name

The Commando

Combat Style

Specializes in taking out large dinosaurs


A military veteran, Marcus is adept at unleashing a hailstorm of lead upon his foes. With bullets to spare and a built in grenade launcher he truly represents peace through superior firepower.


Marcus Tyler is an ex-military gun for hire, he went rogue after his squad was wiped out on a simple extraction mission in the Middle East. He is an experienced commander, has fought in many conflicts and has numerous declarations to his name. When it comes to combat he is the best of the best and thankfully, due to his now mercenary status, his acquisition for the project should be fairly simple. He is well trained in the use of high calibre military grade weapons and explosives as well as survival tactics.

However, concerns are placed on his mental condition. It is unknown how he will respond to a group situation as he openly prefers to work alone these days. Despite this fact we still believe him to be a top candidate as a military operative for the project.



Assault Rifle: A powerful automatic rifle with a high rate of fire designed to pepper any adversary with bullets, ripping through flesh and tearing dinosaurs to shreds. The assault rifle however has a high kickback reducing accuracy through extended fire.


Grenade Launcher: The alternate firing mode of the assault rifle is the grenade launcher. This powerful explosive weapon has the power to blow dinosaurs sky high, however ammunition is limited and the Commando is forced to restock regularly.


Melee: As a last resort the Commando can smack dinosaurs in the face with the butt of his rifle, giving him some breathing space and the opportunity to finish them off.


  • Fire in short bursts when shooting at smaller dinosaurs as this will make you more likely to hit them.
  • Use your Grenade Launcher to take out a good portion of a large dinosaur's health. This will effectively weaken them.
  • The Commando does best when going against large dinosaurs. He can deal a lot of damage to them and can weaken them easily.